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Long gone are the days of “keyword stuffing” in order to get to the top of the search engine. Your company is smart enough to know that well-researched keywords, well-placed backlinks, and well-written content are the keys to making sure that your content gets noticed and that customers get the information they need in order to make the right decisions about your product or service. Today’s search engine requirements are simple- create great writing that’s interesting and incorporates the right words that will promote your company, and remember that all roads lead back to you.

I’ll write great content and articles, for your website or print publication, that will target your audience with a message that is clear about what you have to offer and why your product is the best choice.

"It was great to work with Linda. She was right on spot with what we asked and we will definitely be hiring her again if we have more work."
"The second project for me and it was great again. I asked a few small changes to the final work and she did it perfectly!"
“Linda did an excellent job with my profile, and her service was second to none. She was prompt with her response to my needs and definitely worth every dollar spent. I wasted lots of money in the past hiring the wrong people who just couldn't get the job done. I wish I would have used Linda’s services a bit sooner. I'm happy and recommend her to anyone who needs top quality work done at a top quality level. Thanks- Marcus H., Realtor

Blog Posts

Your blog should have a purpose. My blog chronicles my own journey. Whether your goal is to take your readers behind the scenes and give them a deeper insight into your company or you just want to make sure that your customers stay current on your latest developments, products or services, the connections you make with your base matters.


Sometimes the choice customers face when deciding between options is as simple as the ability to feel connected to you. The story behind your brand is a powerful tool. I’ll work with you to find the essence of your business, and tailor that message to your audience so that your consumers can learn more about who you are how you got here.

“Fantastic skill set.”- Nicole C., Singer/Songwriter Rep
"Great skills and communication."- M. Jachna, Marketing Manager
"It's refreshing to get someone who has experience writing the kinds of articles we tend to prefer. Good work, all around. Linda is quite capable and willing to do what's needed to get work done properly."
O. W., Travel Magazine Publisher
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